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Faking It: Behind the BFFs [720p]

did anyone else find Hook's crossing his legs and bouncing the table thing suspicious?











He’s being obviously sullen and pouty about Emma using magic. He doesn’t want her to improve her powers, and he’s purposefully messed up the seance.

Why? If it’s just because he’s a bratty, emo asshole, I’ll be disappointed.

Yeah, what was that…

I don’t know… I don’t know what to expect at all this season. Unless we’re over thinking it, but if we’re no they’re back to having twists that are not so easily predictable.

Well no think about it. It makes sense that he would be jealous, or at least upset by Emma learning magic from Regina. Think about it… instead of spending time with him she goes and spends it with her. And then when she is hanging out wit him, what does she do? Magic, that Regina taught her.

Then on top of that, that magic will disappear if he kisses her.

It’s like Regina is getting in his way without even trying! Even her sister is doing it! It’s actually kind of funny.

But is that really the reason he screwed up the seance? I mean if it really is just jealousy, surely he wouldn’t want to screw up the thing that’s gonna help them defeat Zelena (the one who cursed his lips and made him unable to kiss Emma without her losing her powers)

Sure. I agree. There would obviously be more to it… so we are really back to the whole… why did he not want regina to figure out her mothers past?

I really cant think of any reason

Right? I mean, even if he was working with Zelena (and I can’t think of any reason why he would be), why would he still be on her side after the lip curse?

there must not be anything else to it then. it must have been a plot device to get everyone to leave and have snow and Regina alone…

But they could have accomplished that by just having the vortex close on it’s own after a few minutes… Or maybe Hook could have bumped the table but instead of saying he was crossing his legs he could’ve just said he was startled and he jumped, which would have made much more sense…

Does anything in this show make sense. I am seriously considering dropping it. I might just replace it with Faking It. Pilot is already dishing out the gay.

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I literally do not care about your gender, sexuality or skin colour.

I literally only care about whether you’re a nice fucking human being or not.

so basically you’re racist, sexist and homophobic

How, how, how, could that possibly be…

I feel like this is a strawman fallacy Sheerlust.

Batched isn’t racist, sexist and homophobic, and when they say they ‘dont care’ they don’t mean they ‘don’t care about the hardships one goes through becasue of their skin color, gender or sexuality’.

It’s twisting someone’s words into something they aren’t saying. I hate SJ so fucking much becasue of this type of argument.

I don’t care about all these stupid as sub-groups and which you belong to either, in the sense that, I don’t use them to judge whether you are a worth while person or not. This is what people mean when they say this. They dont mean ‘i dont give a fuck that you experience racism’… they are trying to say they wont treat you like that, they are saying the exact opposite. I feel like extremist SJ people find ways to attack their allies for no reason at all and this is one of them.

I dont get what they hope to achieve by doing so, attacking their allies…. but it needs to fucking stop.

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