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How Men SHOULD React to Being "Friendzoned"

  • Guy:

    You know, we've been friends for a while now.

  • Girl:

    Yeah. You're like one of the closest people to me.

  • Guy:

    And you are to me as well. But, I uh, have more than friend feelings for you. *blushes*

  • Girl:

    Wait. What? No. I don't see you like that really. You're like a brother to me. And we are great friends. I'm sorry, but I feel we should only be friends.

  • Guy:


  • Girl:

    You okay?

  • Guy:

    Yeah. I figured I'd put it out there of how I felt and see what happened. I respect your outlook on where we stand. I'd rather have you in my life as a friend than not at all. Wanna get some cheese fries and watch Ted again?

  • Girl:

    thank you for not getting angry. *quick hug to guy* if you're buying, I'm eating!


Anonymous asked:

Genuine question, if you hate/don't enjoy watching OUAT anymore as much as you say do then why continue watching it?


Because this show saved my life in more ways than just one, it was a big part of my recovery and I honest to god love the first season so much, you have no idea. Swen is like a second family to me and I have fallen in love with Regina, the real Regina, not this “omg I can’t live without this man that I met three days ago” Regina.

I can’t stop watching it because I keep hoping that it will get better. I keep hoping that this is nothing but a really shitty phase that they’re going through.




What if I’m willing to take you down with me?
I think I know you better than you know yourself, Dearie.

Let’s note who started the threats against loved ones. Rumple only threatened Emma in promise of vengeance for Belle. He also did not threaten to kill anyone if Hook told. Not that Rumple was nice or kind here, but everything he did, he did in response to Hook’s actions. Hook got this mess started. Rumple helped it along to his own ends. As he does.

And that’s the difference between a master strategist, a legendary puppet master by trade, and a simpering bully who threatens/uses violence instead of his brain. NVM that like THE COWARD HE IS, he ONCE AGAIN THREATENS AN INNOCENT WOMAN who has never harmed him in her life. And to whom he “apologized” to a few episodes ago to show how much he has “changed”, LMAO.

It’s why Rumple, despite being despicable, still manages to ensnare even his arch enemy who should know better while Hook is fooling no one but himself with his lies and hypocrisy. (And Emma too….but yeah….) And why Hook is useless as a villain and as a “redeemed good guy” as well. He lacks depth and complexity, prettiness won’t save you from being a walking stereotype and boring hypocrite. (Emma is slipping down that slope as well)




So during Lana’s ask today someone asked what her picture of happiness would look like and she said a complete circle. I don’t know about you guys but my mind went straight to Emma’s circle necklace. Coincidence…maybe. But I just thought I would bring it up because Emma being Regina’s happiness seems like a good idea to me, always.

It can also symbolise both Emma and Regina coming full circle in their lives.

And this whole story with the core characters.

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