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Happy endings aren’t always what you expect them to be.
Obviously on a show about subverting fairytales (and yes, on some level? it still is), that concept is aimed at the conditioned preconceptions of general society. Doesn’t the predictable assumption that Robin Hood must be Regina’s Soulmate, because he was introduced as Regina’s “Soulmate” fall right into that? The audience assumes it. Regina assumes it. (Lana assumed it?). It must be true. But is it? What if the journey is (what we would hope, but the GA would not expect) about discovering that Regina’s happy ending may not be what that preconditioned fantasy would suggest? What if the writers’ “love for Regina and RH’s arc” is not love for the OQ ship, but love for Regina and her journey (and the purpose RH serves in it).
As for ‘ooc’ behaviour for Regina. Remember that disproportionate attachment she felt to the little boy (what was his name?) visitor in town? (A yearning so strong to love, she then got Henry… I want to say she engaged Rumple’s help in procuring her a child, but that has seedy connotations? And we know her motives were actually pure). So actually, how ‘ooc’ is it for Regina to latch onto this idea of RH being her Soulmate and fulfilling that yearning to love again (romantically)? It’s easy to get distracted by the cool kick-ass mean mudder fukka take care of self don’t need no one aspects of Regina’s character, but needless to say, that’s not really who she is, that’s just a façade.
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Laverne Cox, Keynote address, Creating Change 2014

This is such an important thing to say, though.

A lot of people are acknowledging this as a very powerful sound bite, but take a minute to really consider the context of this.

Every time you misgender a trans person, you are putting their lives in danger.

You aren’t just hurting our feelings - and there is nothing “just” about hurt feelings for people prone to suicide - you risk outing us to people we may not want to be outed to.

It opens us up to harassment, discrimination, and even assault. We could lose our jobs, our families, and our livelihood.

Every time you intentionally misgender a trans person, you tell us that you consider us to be less than animals.






"I thought for sure Emma was going to save the day."— (x)

And THIS is why I was so upset about Hook’s line to Emma saying that SHE was the one who defeated Zelena.

Like, back the fuck up, this is a really important moment in Regina’s redemption arc, would you mind not ruining it, please?

Hook: Yo, I heard you like retcon, so i’m gonna retcon while we retcon so you can retcon in your recton. 

but yes, absolutely a million times yes. 

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